Leslyn Lewis Record 2022

Lewis has always been openly pro-life, and has a solid voting record during her time as an MP. During the previous leadership race she ran proudly on a pro-life platform... and is doing so again! Lewis is one of just three MPs who attended CLC's rally on Parliament Hill in defense of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, where she pledged to defend their charitable tax status against Justin Trudeau's discriminatory attacks. This past May, in a written message to those attending the National March for Life, Lewis said: “I want you to know that I stand with you, I stand with you in your fight to be heard by your government as you call for action on behalf of the vulnerable and the unborn.” 

MP Lewis has included many pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom policy commitments in her 2022 platform for the Conservative Party Leadership race. 

Leslyn Lewis has promised to:

  • Ban sex-selective abortions   
  • Criminalize coercing women into abortion 
  • Increase funding for pro-life crisis pregnancy centres   
  • End taxpayer funding of overseas abortions 
    (Justin Trudeau is currently funnelling $700-million annually of taxpayer money to subsidize international abortions)
  • Enshrine conscience protection for healthcare workers, in law   
  • Scale back the euthanasia law in order to protect the mentally ill, the depressed, and other vulnerable Canadians who've fallen prey to Trudeau's death-on-demand killing regime  
  • Expand suicide prevention resources; lead national efforts to increase access to palliative care   
    (These actions will reduce demand for euthanasia)
  • Respect the right of MPs to introduce private members bills on issues like abortion 
  • Allow all MPs to have free votes on conscience issues (e.g. abortion, euthanasia)   
  • Help pregnant moms with the added expenses of pregnancy 
  • Introduce a bill protecting parental rights   
    (Enshrine the right of loving parents to raise their children in accordance with their own values)
  • End unconstitutional COVID mandates which coerce pro-life Canadians to take an abortion-tainted injection, on pain of being fired from their job, or otherwise denied the ability to participate in society. 

Apart from her current Leadership platform, Dr. Lewis has other, impressive elements in her record as a politician. In the past, she has promised to repeal Bill C-4, the so-called "conversion therapy ban" that aims to jail parents for up to five years if they lovingly affirm their gender-confused child in his or her biological sex. She also expressed support for preserving our laws against prostitution, an important pledge because the Liberals and NDP want to fully legalize the buying and selling of women for sex, and try to sanitize it by referring to it as "sex work".

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to rank Leslyn Lewis at the top of the ballot, in the #1 position. Furthermore, we ask you not to rank any of the pro-abortion candidates, at all. In other words, don't rank them #2, #3, etc, after Lewis. Their support for child murder disqualifies them from consideration.

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