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Did you know there are several issues relating to abortion, family values and religious freedom over which your elected city councilors and mayor have control?

Many cities have a local Planned Parenthood office (or affiliate like the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health) which may receive taxpayer subsidies from the municipal government. Planned Parenthood is the world's largest abortion provider and abortion referral service. They often distribute 'morning after' pills (aka
emergency contraception). The 'morning after' pill is an abortifacient because after conception has already occurred, it can prevent the newly conceived embryonic human from being able to implant himself in the lining of the womb.

Planned Parenthood offices throughout the US have also been implicated in covering up or failing to report cases of statutory rape while processing abortions. The PP staff sent what they believed to be underage children, back into the arms of their abusers, instead of reporting the situation to police as required by law. Watch the sting conducted on an Indiana Planned Parenthood with the use of an undercover camera (right).

If your municipal taxes are supporting Planned Parenthood (or Canadian Federation for Sexual Health) in any way, you have a right to demand that your city council and mayor stop forking over your money. They have an obligation to obey you, the constituent.