Patrick Brown Record 2022

Patrick Brown has been red-lit by CLC. He is not supportable and should not be ranked at all on your ballot. In fact, members cannot vote for Brown because he was disqualified by the CPC on July 5th on credible allegations of election fraud. But for the benefit of our supporters, below are details of his unacceptable public positions and policy actions: 

  • Supports killing children in the womb. Describes himself as "pro-choice" and claims that abortion is "a woman's right"    
  • Voted to pass an abortion "bubble zone" censorship law in Ontario which criminalized peaceful pro-life protests outside abortion facilities (Bill 163). As provincial PC Leader he even whipped the PC caucus to vote in favour.      
  • Is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ ideology, and opposes the true definition of marriage between one man & one woman    
  • Marched in Toronto's homosexual Pride Parade, a lewd event featuring buck naked men, sexual bondage, sado-masochism and mock sex acts in the middle of the street, in full view of children   
  • Voted for Ontario Bill 28 which banished the words "mother" and "father" from Ontario law. It also re-engineered the definition of family so that children can now have up to 4 legal parents, none of them blood-related    
  • Flip-flopped on his leadership campaign promise to repeal Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed curriculum, by coming out in support of it after securing the leadership    
  • Conducted a purge of social conservative nomination candidates while PC leader, unfairly disqualifying numerous candidates, just because of their religious and moral beliefs.   
  • Was investigated by Hamilton Police for allegations of ballot box stuffing, voter ID fraud, and fraudulent ballots, allegedly to secure the nomination election result that Brown wanted    
  • Rigged the PC Party Policy Convention to keep out pro-life and pro-family policy resolutions, blocking them from consideration despite broad grassroots support.    
  • In a book, Brown revealed his utter contempt for social conservatives, writing: "social conservatives are dinosaurs who are becoming less and less relevant every single day”  

Brown has been disqualified from the race, and is pro-baby murder. Do not rank him on your ballot, at all.

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