Pierre Poilievre Record 2022

Pierre Poilievre has been red-lit by CLC. He is not supportable and should not be ranked at all on your ballot. Below is information about his public positions and voting record:

  • Supports killing children in the womb. Describes himself as "pro-choice" and claims that abortion is a "right"    
  • Voted against banning sex-selective abortions (Bill C-233)    
  • Will NOT allow free votes on any pro-life private members bills. MPs will be whipped to vote against pro-life bills.    
    (He has repeatedly stated that: "A Poilievre government will not introduce or pass any laws restricting abortion". The only way he can promise no pro-life bill could ever pass while he is Prime Minister, is if he intends to whip the vote to ensure its defeat. This invalidates his other campaign pledge to "allow free votes").
  • Voted against euthanasia (Bill C-14 & C-7)  
  • Is a vocal supporter of LGBTQ ideology, and opposes the true definition of marriage between one man & one woman    
  • ‚ÄčVoted to jail parents up to 5 years if they dare to affirm their gender-confused child in the male or female body God gave them (Bill C-6, "Conversion Therapy" ban) 
  • Despite portraying himself as an opponent of 'cancel culture', he helped cancel social conservative leadership contender, Richard Decarie, during the 2020 leadership race over the latter's Christian beliefs, by viciously attacking him on Twitter   

It's worth noting that, for the moment, Poilievre is campaigning "to make Canada the freest country in the world" and vowing to end all vaccine mandates. However, he waited two years to come out against the tyrannical, abortion-tainted vaccine mandates and destructive lockdowns. And only after the huge freedom convoy arrived on parliament's doorstep, showing it had the numbers to be a political powerhouse. It's reasonable to question if his desire to restore freedom is genuine, or whether, in the tradition of turncoat, red Tory Leader Erin O'Toole before him, is merely a tactic to secure the leadership, and will be jettisoned shortly thereafter.

Do not rank Pierre Poilievre on your ballot, at all.

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