Roman Baber Record 2022

CLC has given Roman Baber a red light and "Pro-abortion" rating.

However, in discussions with Baber, CLC has determined that he is very open to pro-lifers, and willing to be educated about abortion and related issues. Baber has also committed to several legislative and policy commitments that would help to advance the pro-life, pro-family movement. Below is our assessment of his stances and policies: 

  • Supports killing children in the womb. Tweeted that "Reproductive health is between a woman and her doctor. It's not the business of government".    
  • Permit free votes by CPC MPs on all matters of conscience, including abortion 
  • Allow MPs to introduce Private Members Bills on social issues    
  • Oppose unfair treatment of social conservative policy proposals in the CPC's biennial party policy conventions   
    (Recent policy conventions have been rigged by the red Tory party establishment and successive leaders, in order to prevent pro-life, pro-family policy resolutions with broad grassroots support from making it to the Convention floor. Having a Leader send the message that will no longer be tolerated can help end the culture of corruption.)
  • Never disqualify a candidate because of their views on social issues   
    (This is a critical promise. Successive CPC leaders have unfairly blocked and disqualifed social conservative nomination candidates because of their Judeo-Christian moral or religious beliefs on issues like abortion and sexuality)
  • Restore credibility and fairness to local nominations by requiring written reasons for the disqualification of any candidate 
    (This is a valuable policy for socons because it will cause the red tory establishment to think twice before discriminating against social conservatives if they have to give a written explanation for it.)
  • Marched in Toronto's 2019 homosexual Pride Parade, a lewd event featuring buck naked men, sexual bondagesado-masochism and mock sex acts in the middle of the street, in full view of children   
  • Repeal the Liberal government's planned, child euthanasia expansion, should Trudeau succeed in passing it   
  • Review and limit Trudeau's recent expansion of euthanasia to the depressed and mentally ill
  • End unconstitutional COVID mandates which coerce pro-life Canadians to take an abortion-tainted injection, on pain of being fired from their job, or otherwise denied the ability to participate in society.   

‚ÄčAlso notable is that while running for nomination as an Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament, Baber was opposed to then-Premier Kathleen Wynne's age-inappropriate, graphic sex-ed curriculum, and said he supported the parental rights movement. As an MPP he introduced Bill 6, the Jobs & Jabs Bill, which would have made it illegal for employers to fire or discipline employees for refusing to act against their consciences by taking an abortion-tainted COVID injection.

While Baber has some excellent policies that would benefit the pro-life/family movement, and he is not hostile to pro-lifers, we cannot recommend ranking him on your ballot. 

CLC asks its supporters to rank Leslyn Lewis as the #1 and only choice on their ballot, as she's the only pro-lifer in the race.

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