Scott Aitchison Record 2022

Scott Aitchison has been red-lit by CLC. He is not supportable and should not be ranked at all on your ballot. Below is information about his public positions and voting record:

  • Supports killing children in the womb. He even created a video pledging to defend the "right" to abortion.    
  • Voted against banning sex-selective abortions (Bill C-233)  
  • Campaign website claims that abortion & LGBTQ ideology are core "Canadian values"    
  • Voted in favour of bill to expand euthanasia to people who aren't even dying (Bill C-7, 2nd reading)   
  • ‚ÄčVoted to jail parents up to 5 years if they dare to affirm their gender-confused child in the male or female body God gave them (Bill C-6, "Conversion Therapy" ban)   
  • Advocated to end Health Canada's longstanding blood donation ban on men-who-have-sex with men, thus putting Canada's blood supply - and Canadian lives - in danger, owing to the much higher risk associated with anal sex between men   
  • While a City Mayor, he presided over gay pride flag raisings  

Do not rank Scott Aitchison on your ballot, at all.

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