Talking points / How to debate

Many parents and activists have asked us for help on how to explain to others why it is that they oppose the curriculum.  Sharing our online analysis via email, or our printed pamphlet is a great way to educate others who are willing to read material you send them.

However, if you need help verbalizing the talking points in face-to-face discussions with friends, family, educators or even local media, we invite you to study the three videos below. If you know you're going to be speaking with others about this issue, watch the videos before hand as many times as necessary to become comfortable with the material.  Another proven memory aid and technique for improving one's presentation skills, is to rehearse saying the points out loud, either by yourself, or to someone else.  The more you study and practice, the more confident and professional you'll sound.

Video #1 - CTV interview with Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition Education Specialist


Jack Fonseca of the Campaign Life Coalition joined us to talk about why he opposes the new sex curriculum for Ontario students

Posted by CTV News Channel on Friday, May 8, 2015




Video #2 - Statement at a press conference laying out specific dangers of the sex curriculum




Video #3 - Dr. Miriam Grossman, an expert in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry, details the errors and deception in the Wynne-Levin sex-ed curriculum