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Youth Blog
It's International Women's Day. It's also my birthday. Now you know I gotta comment on that!
RU-486: killing women and children one pill at a time.
Although I'm no friend of the NDP, I have a furtive fascination with Mulcair’s beard....
One CLC intern shares his journey from being personally pro-life to actively pro-life.
Looking for something fun, inexpensive and noteworthy to do this summer? We've got just the event for you!
"...We try to challenge ourselves in this movement – we may see ourselves as a sort of courageous warrior – but we must also remember that we are human. We will have our moments of weakness..."
What's the difference between first-degree murder charges and our current government's position on abortion: a few hours.
...Throughout the two weeks, the genuine needs and demands of women from the developing world were completely overshadowed by a constant cry for ‘legal abortion’ as the only solution to ending violence against women...
The paradox of the United Nations.
The United Nations Population Fund and Young Women's Christian Association pushes for contraception and abortion in the western world at the 57th Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.
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