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Brian J. Gail
Meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, Fatherless takes the reader on an unforgettable journey inside Fortune 500 boardrooms and Madison Avenue screening rooms, behind one-way mirrors in America's heartland and two-way screens in church confessionals, to the very peak of Ireland's highest mountain and inside the papal dining room of John Paul II in Rome . . . Fatherless is the signature Catholic novel of its generation.

Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
Theresa Burke with David C. Reardon
An invaluable read for those who know a post-abortive woman and want to reach out in love. If you know somebody who has had an abortion and is suffering, but don't know what to say that could help her, this book could be the answer. It is a powerful guide to help post-abortive women understand their pain. True stories describing post-abortion trauma, combined with peer-reviewed psychological research make the case that abortion hurts women... and point the way to inner healing.